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молекула L-arginine
молекула L-arginine

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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  1. Mandibular Appliance Modulates Condylar Growth through Integrins.
  2. The twin arginine translocation system contributes to symbiotic colonization of Euprymna scolopes by Vibrio fischeri.
  3. Two isoforms of cyclooxygenase contribute to augmented endothelium-dependent contractions in femoral arteries of 1-year-old rats.
  4. Postconditioning prevents reperfusion injury by activating delta-opioid receptors.
  5. Alterations in forearm vascular reactivity in patients with septic shock.
  6. Histone deimination as a response to inflammatory stimuli in neutrophils.
  7. Role of the {beta}-Subunit Arginine/Lysine Finger in Integrin Heterodimer Formation and Function.
  8. Obesity, inflammation, and the potential application of pharmaconutrition.
  9. Expression of arginase II in prostate cancer
  10. Dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and endothelium dysfunction induced by lysophosphatidylcholine in Syrian hamster aorta.
  11. Characterization of agonist-induced endothelium-dependent vasodilatory responses in the vascular bed of the equine digit.
  12. Ultrastructural plasticity in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. Possible involvement in clock entrainment.


  1. Central L: -arginine reduced stress responses are mediated by L: -ornithine in neonatal chicks.
  2. The Tsc/Rheb signaling pathway controls basic amino acid uptake via the Cat1 permease in fission yeast.
  3. [Myeloid-derived suppressor cells - the new mechanism of immunosuppression in cancer]
  4. Structures of potent selective peptide mimetics bound to carboxypeptidase B.
  5. Amino Acid Adsorption on Mesoporous Materials: Influence of Types of Amino Acids, Modification of Mesoporous Materials, and Solution Conditions.
  6. Ca( 2+ )-Induced Cl (-) Efflux at Rat Distal Colonic Epithelium.
  7. CGRP8-37 antagonizes capsaicin-induced vasodilation in the skin: evaluation of a human in vivo pharmacodynamic model.
  9. Evolutionary conserved N-terminal region of human muscle fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase regulates its activity and the interaction with aldolase.
  10. Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition Promotes Endothelium- Dependent Vasodilatation and the Antihypertensive Effect of L-Serine.
  11. Variation in neural V1aR predicts sexual fidelity and space use among male prairie voles in semi-natural settings.
  12. Effects of Maillard reaction products on hilA expression in Salmonella typhimurium.
  13. Malondialdehyde tagging improves the analysis of arginine oligomers and arginine-containing dendrimers by HPLC-MS.
  14. Influence of Atenolol and Nifedipine on Nitric-Oxide Deficient Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy and Expression of the Cardio-Endocrine Peptide Intermedin and its Receptor Components.
  15. Increasing the sensitivity of cryoprobe protein NMR experiments by using the sole low-conductivity arginine glutamate salt.
  16. Effect of ileum segment and protein sources on net disappearance of crude protein and amino acids in laying hens.
  17. Hofmeister Salts and Potential Therapeutic Compounds Accelerate in Vitro Fibril Formation of the N-Terminal Domain of PABPN1 Containing a Disease-Causing Alanine Extension.
  18. Inactivation of Microbial Arginine Deiminases by l-Canavanine.
  19. Cardosins improve neuronal regeneration after cell disruption: a comparative expression study.
  20. (68)Ga-labeled multimeric RGD peptides for microPET imaging of integrin alpha(v)beta (3) expression.
  21. Metabolism of tryptophan, methionine and arginine in Diplodus sargus larvae fed rotifers: effect of amino acid supplementation.
  22. The b (arg36) contributes to efficient coupling in F(1)F (O) ATP synthase in Escherichia coli.
  23. Transgenic mice overexpressing human G972R IRS-1 show impaired insulin action and insulin secretion.
  24. Evidence that cardioprotection by postconditioning involves preservation of myocardial opioid content and selective opioid receptor activation.
  25. Brachydactyly Type A2 Associated with a Defect in proGDF5 Processing.
  26. Acrolein: Sources, metabolism, and biomolecular interactions relevant to human health and disease.
  27. The effect of N- or C-terminal alterations of the connector of bacteriophage phi29 DNA packaging motor on procapsid assembly, pRNA binding, and DNA packaging.
  28. A metagenomic analysis of soil bacteria extends the diversity of quorum-quenching lactonases.
  29. ADMA Levels Correlate with Proteinuria, Secondary Amyloidosis, and Endothelial Dysfunction.
  30. Does Arginine remain protonated in the lipid membrane? Insights from microscopic pKa calculations.
  31. Effects on kidney filtration rate by agmatine requires activation of ryanodine channels for nitric oxide generation.
  32. Vasopressin regulation of inner medullary collecting ducts and compensatory changes in mice lacking adenosine A1 receptors.
  33. Calcium signalling during neural induction in Xenopus laevis embryos.
  34. Liraglutide, a once-daily human GLP-1 analogue, improves pancreatic B-cell function and arginine-stimulated insulin secretion during hyperglycaemia in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  35. Successful Control of Aggregation and Folding Rates during Refolding of Denatured Lysozyme by Adding N-Methylimidazolium Cations with Various N'-Substituents.
  36. Renal function in male sprague-dawley rats concurrently exposed to long-term nicotine (3-{1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl}pyridine) and methylated spirits (methyl alcohol).
  37. Obesity reduces the bioavailability of nitric oxide in juveniles.
  39. Prominent cardioprotective effects of third generation beta blocker nebivolol against anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity using the model of isolated perfused rat heart.
  40. Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I deficiency are associated with reduced loss of fat mass after laparoscopic- adjustable silicone gastric banding.
  41. The neuroendocrine view of the angiotensin and apelin systems.
  42. Detrimental role of endogenous nitric oxide in host defence against Sporothrix schenckii.
  43. Role of Chloride Channels in the Regulation of Corpus Cavernosum Tone: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Erectile Dysfunction.
  44. Synergy between 5-HT(4) receptor activation and acetylcholinesterase inhibition in human colon and rat forestomach.
  45. Nitric oxide decreases the excitability of interstitial cells of Cajal through activation of the BK channel.
  46. Developmental changes in arginase expression and activity in the lung.
  47. A novel HLA-DRB1 allele, HLA-DRB1*0465, was identified in a Hodgkin's lymphoma cell line.
  48. Mutations in the Insulin Gene can Cause MODY and Autoantibody-Negative Type 1 Diabetes.
  50. Incorporation of a matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive substrate into self-assembling peptides - A model for biofunctional scaffolds.
  51. Preparation of peptide-conjugated quantum dots for tumor vasculature-targeted imaging.
  52. Surface functionalization of titanium with hyaluronic acid/chitosan polyelectrolyte multilayers and RGD for promoting osteoblast functions and inhibiting bacterial adhesion.
  53. Evaluation of Microwave-Accelerated Residue-Specific Acid Cleavage for Proteomic Applications.
  54. Using peptides to study the interaction between the p53 tetramerization domain and HIV-1 tat.
  55. Arginine-modified DNA Aptamers That Show Enantioselective Recognition of the Dicarboxylic Acid Moiety of Glutamic Acid.
  56. Effects of twin pregnancy and periconceptional undernutrition on maternal metabolism, fetal growth and glucose-insulin axis function in ovine pregnancy.
  57. Impairment of arginine metabolism in rats after massive intestinal resection: Effect of parenteral nutrition supplemented with citrulline versus arginine.
  58. A phospho-sugar binding domain homologous to NagB enzymes regulates the activity of the central glycolytic genes repressor.
  59. CARM1 promotes adipocyte differentiation by coactivating PPARgamma.
  60. Differentiation between two-state and multi-state folding proteins based on sequence.
  61. Arginine facilitates inactivation of enveloped viruses.
  62. Requirement of Mesorhizobium loti Ornithine Transcarbamoylase for Successful Symbiosis with Lotus japonicus as Revealed by an Unexpected Long-Range Genome Deletion.
  63. The crystal structure of N-acetyl-L-glutamate synthase from Neisseria gonorrhoeae provides insights into mechanisms of catalysis and regulation.
  64. Small bowel injury associated to allergy is triggered by platelet-activating factor, mast cells, neutrophils and protected by nitric oxide.
  65. Tuning the Transport Properties of HIV-1 Tat Arginine-Rich Motif in Living Cells.
  66. Pulmonary artery hypertension in a child with MELAS due to a point mutation of the mitochondrial tRNA((Leu)) gene (m.3243AG).
  67. A novel method of measuring nitric-oxide-dependent fluorescence using 4,5-diaminofluorescein (DAF-2) in the isolated Langendorff-perfused rabbit heart.
  68. Extrinsic nitric oxide donor partially reverses arginine deiminase induced cell growth inhibition through NFkappaB and Bcl-X(L).
  69. Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants: a challenge to microbiologists and clinicians.
  70. Arginine deiminase, a potential anti-tumor drug.
  71. Antihypertensive effect of biotin in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats.
  72. Simple genotyping of functional polymorphisms of the human immunoglobulin G receptors CD16A and CD32A: a reference cell panel.
  73. Synthetic Approaches to N(delta)-Methylated l-Arginine, N(omega)-Hydroxy-l-arginine, l-Citrulline, and N(delta)-Cyano-l-ornithine.
  74. Surface-Attached PDMAA-GRGDSP Hybrid Polymer Monolayers that Promote the Adhesion of Living Cells.
  75. Semisynthetic Analogues of PSC-RANTES, a Potent Anti-HIV Protein.
  76. BYK191023 Is A NADPH- And Time-Dependent Irreversible Inhibitor Of Inducible Nitric-Oxide Synthase.
  77. Histone arginine methylation is required for vernalization-induced epigenetic silencing of FLC in winter-annual Arabidopsis thaliana.
  78. The positively charged surface of herpes simplex virus UL42 mediates DNA binding.
  79. The HLA gene complex in thyroid autoimmunity: From epidemiology to etiology.
  80. A potent hypotensive peptide, novokinin, induces relaxation by AT2- and IP-receptor-dependent mechanism in the mesenteric artery from SHRs.
  81. Elevated asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and inverse correlation between circulating ADMA and glomerular filtration rate in children with sporadic focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).
  82. The 1.38 A crystal structure of DmsD protein from Salmonella typhimurium, a proofreading chaperone on the Tat pathway.
  83. Inhibitory Effects of Gastrointestinal Electrical Stimulation on Rectal Tone are both Organ-Specific and Distance-Related in Dogs.
  84. Immunity to Citrullinated Proteins in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  85. Transport of amino acids through the placenta and their role.
  86. Characterization of cationic amino acid transporters (hCATs) 1 and 2 in human skin.
  87. CARM1 regulates estrogen-stimulated breast cancer growth through up-regulation of E2F1.
  88. Deubiquitylation of histone H2A activates transcriptional initiation via trans-histone cross-talk with H3K4 di- and trimethylation.
  89. The Role of Nitric Oxide and cGMP in Somatostatin's Protection against Retinal Ischemia.
  90. Multiple myeloma-related WHSC1/MMSET isoform RE-IIBP is a histone methyltransferase with transcriptional repression activity.
  91. Vasopressin increases locomotion through a V1a receptor in orexin/hypocretin neurons: implications for water homeostasis.
  92. Mechanism of 4-HNE Mediated Inhibition of hDDAH-1: Implications in No Regulation.
  93. The nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway in physiology and therapeutics.
  94. Blood conservation strategies to reduce the need for red blood cell transfusion in critically ill patients.
  95. Elevated asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations precede clinical preeclampsia, but not pregnancies with small-for-gestational-age infants.
  96. Protective effects of L-arginine on rat terminal ileum subjected to ischemia/reperfusion.
  97. DNA pre-condensation with an amino acid-based cationic amphiphile. A viable approach for liposome-based gene delivery.
  98. Membrane interactions of peptides representing the polybasic regions of three Rho GTPases are sensitive to the distribution of arginine and lysine residues.
  99. Arginine activates intestinal p70(S6k) and protein synthesis in piglet rotavirus enteritis.
  100. Phenotypic Analysis of Dlx5 Overexpression in Post-natal Bone.
  101. Renal hemodynamics in heart failure: implications for treatment.
  102. L-Arginine therapy in cardiovascular pathologies: beneficial or dangerous?
  103. Growth hormone, arginine and exercise.
  104. Basal nitric oxide synthase activity is a major determinant of glomerular haemodynamics in humans.
  105. T64A polymorphism in beta3-adrenergic receptor gene (ADRB3) and coronary heart disease: a case-cohort study and meta-analysis.
  106. Augmentation of nitric oxide is crucial for the time-dependent effects of rosiglitazone on blood pressure and baroreflex function in rats.
  107. The interaction between coronary endothelial dysfunction, local oxidative stress, and endogenous nitric oxide in humans.
  108. Antioxidative defence alterations in skeletal muscle during prolonged acclimation to cold: role of L-arginine/NO-producing pathway.
  109. Pituitary function and the somatotrophic system in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease under chronic dopaminergic therapy.
  110. Arginine and vitamin e modulate the subpopulations of T lymphocytes in broiler chickens.
  111. The relationship between plasma asymmetrical dimethyl-L-arginine and inflammation and adhesion molecule levels in subjects with normal, impaired, and diabetic glucose tolerance.
  112. L-arginine metabolism in dog kidney and isolated nephron segments.
  113. Familial CHARGE syndrome and the CHD7 gene: a recurrent missense mutation, intrafamilial recurrence and variability.
  114. Glucose transport in fibroblasts is unaffected by polyamines.
  115. Modulation of the myocardial redox state by vagal nerve stimulation after experimental myocardial infarction.
  116. Effects of dipeptidyl peptidase iv inhibition on arterial blood pressure.
  117. Increased inducible nitric oxide synthase in lung carcinoma of smokers.
  118. Early enteral supplementation with key pharmaconutrients improves Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score in critically ill patients with sepsis: outcome of a randomized, controlled, double-blind trial.