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молекула L-arginine
молекула L-arginine

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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Библиотека статей об аргинине. Август 2005. En.

  1. Low dose of insulin for assessment of growth hormone and cortisol release in short children.
  2. Management of boys with short stature and delayed puberty.
  3. Pneumococcal vaccine efficacy for mucosal pneumococcal infections depends on Fcgamma receptor IIa polymorphism.
  4. [Comparative study on the influence of arginine hydrochloride and arginine acetate on the immune function and acid-base balance in rabbits with severe burns]
  5. Study on the mechanism of protective effect of oral L-arginine on intestine after scald injury in rats.
  6. The regulatory effects of arginine on hepatic insulin-like growth factor-1 secretion in rats and its implication.
  7. Influence of the enteral feeding of levorotatory arginine on severely burned patients during shock stage.
  8. Influence of L-arginine supplementation on the plasma amino acid spectrum in burn patients.
  9. Neuroprotective effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors in spinal cord injury-induced pathophysiology and motor functions: an experimental study in the rat.
  10. Evaluation of antinociceptive and antiinflammatory activities of the essential oil (EO) of Ocimum micranthum Willd.
  11. Effect of perioperative feeding with fibre & arginine on morphometrics of ileum after surgical stress.
  12. Determination of methylated arginines by column-switching high-performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection.
  13. Identification of a pre-mRNA splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 3 (Sfrs3), and its co-expression with fibronectin in fetal and postnatal rabbit airway mucosal and skin wounds.
  14. L-arginine stimulates immune response in chickens immunized with intermediate plus strain of infectious bursal disease vaccine.
  15. Characterization of advanced glycation end products: mass changes in correlation to side chain modifications.
  16. Effects of L-arginine on fibroblast growth factor 2-induced angiogenesis in a model of endothelial dysfunction.
  17. Effects of L-arginine on the endogenous angiogenic response in a model of hypercholesterolemia.
  18. L-methionine reduces oxidant stress in endothelial cells: role of heme oxygenase-1, ferritin, and nitric oxide.
  19. Elevation of asymmetrical dimethylarginine (ADMA) and coronary artery disease in men with erectile dysfunction.
  20. Baclofen and NOS inhibitors interact to evoke synergistic hypothermia in rats.
  21. Myocardial infarction increases reactivity to phenylephrine in isolated aortic rings of ovariectomized rats.
  22. Enhanced inhibition of L-type Ca2+ current by beta3-adrenergic stimulation in failing rat heart.
  23. Role of an S4-S5 linker lysine in the trafficking of the Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels IK1 and SK3.
  24. delta-Opioid receptor agonist SNC80 elicits peripheral antinociception via delta(1) and delta(2) receptors and activation of the l-arginine/nitric oxide/cyclic GMP pathway.
  25. Characterisation of the thiol-disulphide chemistry of desmopressin by LC, mu-LC, LC-ESI-MS and Maldi-Tof.
  26. Role of beta2-adrenoceptors (beta-AR), but not beta1-, beta3-AR and endothelial nitric oxide, in beta-AR-mediated relaxation of rat intrapulmonary artery.
  27. Metformin prevents the impairment of endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation induced by high glucose challenge in rabbit isolated perfused kidneys.
  28. Role of Domain IV/S4 outermost arginines in gating of T-type calcium channels.
  29. Nitric oxide modulates renal vasoconstrictor effect of endothelin-1 in conscious lambs.
  30. Urinary ET-1, AVP and sodium in premature infants treated with indomethacin and ibuprofen for patent ductus arteriosus.
  31. Nitric oxide contributes to cytokine-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells via potentiation of JNK activity and inhibition of Akt.
  32. Selection in a cyclical environment: possible impact of phenotypic lag on Darwinian fitness.
  33. Novel long-acting crystal formulation of human growth hormone.
  34. Supramolecular behavior of the amphiphilic drug (2R)-2-ethylchromane-2-carboxylic acid arginine salt (a novel PPARalpha/gamma dual agonist).
  35. Small artery endothelial dysfunction in postmenopausal women: in vitro function, morphology, and modification by estrogen and selective estrogen receptor modulators.
  36. The utility of the growth hormone (GH) releasing hormone-arginine test for diagnosing GH deficiency in adults with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with cranial irradiation.
  37. A single pair of acidic residues in the kinase major groove mediates strong substrate preference for P-2 or P-5 arginine in the AGC, CAMK, and STE kinase families.
  38. Unstructured conformations are a substrate requirement for the Sir2 family of NAD-dependent protein deacetylases.
  39. Evidence for host-driven selection of the HIV type 1 vpr gene in vivo during HIV disease progression in a transfusion-acquired cohort.
  40. RNA-protein recognition: single-residue ultrafast dynamical control of structural specificity and function.
  41. Basal endothelial nitric oxide release is preserved in overweight and obese adults.
  42. Tetrahydrobiopterin improves aging-related impairment of endothelium-dependent vasodilation through increase in nitric oxide production.
  43. A nonsense mutation in the Arg345 of the insulin receptor gene in a Japanese type A insulin-resistant patient.
  44. Initiation of remote microvascular preconditioning requires K(ATP) channel activity.
  45. Implications for repetitive application of acetylcholine in the determination of the mechanisms of endothelium-dependent relaxation.
  46. Neurochemical evidence to implicate elevated glutamate in the mechanisms of high intraocular pressure (IOP)-induced retinal ganglion cell death in rat.
  47. Urea cycle of Fasciola gigantica: purification and characterization of arginase.
  48. Inhibitory effect of inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on DMBA-induced hamster buccal-pouch squamous-cell carcinogenesis.
  49. Nitric oxide production in blowfly hemolymph after yeast inoculation.
  50. Asymmetric dimethylarginine: a molecule responsible for the coexistence of insulin resistance and atherosclerosis via dual nitric oxide synthase inhibition.
  51. Ventricular hypertrophy and arterial hemodynamics following deprivation of nitric oxide in rats.
  52. Human monoclonal IgG anticardiolipin antibodies induce nitric oxide synthase expression.
  53. Inhibition of acetylcholine-induced EDHF response by elevated glucose in rat mesenteric artery.
  54. Altered plasma and pituitary arginine vasotocin and hypothalamic provasotocin expression in flounder (Platichthys flesus) following hypertonic challenge and distribution of vasotocin receptors within the kidney.
  55. L-arginine administration recovers sarcoplasmic reticulum function in ischemic reperfused hearts by preventing calpain activation.
  56. The effects of L-arginine, D-arginine, L-name and methylene blue on channa striatus-induced peripheral antinociception in mice.
  57. Calcium ions effectively enhance the effect of antisense peptide nucleic acids conjugated to cationic tat and oligoarginine peptides.
  58. Loss of pentameric symmetry in C-reactive protein induces interleukin-8 secretion through peroxynitrite signaling in human neutrophils.
  59. Selective type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibition alters pulmonary hemodynamics and lung liquid production in near-term fetal lambs.
  60. Inhibitory effect of experimental colitis on fluid absorption in rat jejunum: role of the enteric nervous system, VIP, and nitric oxide.
  61. Nitric oxide synthase inhibition reduces the O2 cost of force development in rat hindlimb muscles pump perfused at matched convective O2 delivery.
  62. Uncoupling Crk signal transduction by Pseudomonas exoenzyme T.
  63. Genes, enzymes and regulation of arginine biosynthesis in plants.
  64. Effects of potassium channel inhibitors in the forced swimming test: possible involvement of L-arginine-nitric oxide-soluble guanylate cyclase pathway.
  65. Evaluation of vasopressin mediated effects on hemostatic mechanisms: relationship with aquaporins and caveolin proteins.
  66. Reversing histone methylation.
  67. Lack of arginine vasopressin-induced phosphorylation of aquaporin-2 mutant AQP2-R254L explains dominant nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.
  68. Vasoconstrictor and vasodilator effects of adenosine in the mouse kidney due to preferential activation of A1 or A2 adenosine receptors.
  69. An NMDA receptor/nitric oxide cascade is involved in cerebellar LTD but is not localized to the parallel fiber terminal.
  70. SUMO-1 modification alters ADAR1 editing activity.
  71. Relaxant effect of adrenomedullin on bovine isolated iris sphincter muscle under resting conditions.
  72. Involvement of endothelial cyclo-oxygenase metabolites in noradrenaline-induced contraction of rat coronary artery.
  73. Enhanced release of endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor in small coronary arteries from rats with congestive heart failure.
  74. Systemic nitric oxide production rate during hemodialysis and its relationship with nitric oxide-related factors.
  75. A mammalian actin substitution in yeast actin (H372R) causes a suppressible mitochondria/vacuole phenotype.
  76. Kinetic effects of kinesin switch I and switch II mutations.
  77. A phosphorylation-dependent export structure in ROMK (Kir 1.1) channel overrides an endoplasmic reticulum localization signal.
  78. Identification of residues responsible for ligand recognition and regioisomeric selectivity of lysophosphatidic acid receptors expressed in mammalian cells.
  79. Pas1, a G1 cyclin, regulates amino acid uptake and rescues a delay in G1 arrest in Tsc1 and Tsc2 mutants in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
  80. Stimulation of type I IFN activity in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.
  81. Lack of the nitric oxide-cyclic GMP-potassium channel pathway for the antinociceptive effect of intrathecal zaprinast in a rat formalin test.
  82. Arginine-vasopressin and vasointestinal polypeptide rhythms in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the mouse lemur reveal aging-related alterations of circadian pacemaker neurons in a non-human primate.
  83. Functional analysis of backbone cyclic peptides bearing the arm domain of the HIV-1 Rev protein: characterization of the karyophilic properties and inhibition of Rev-induced gene expression.
  84. Nitric oxide delays oocyte aging.
  85. Chlamydia pneumoniae induces nitric oxide synthase and lipoxygenase-dependent production of reactive oxygen species in platelets.
  86. Statin monotherapy attenuates renal injury in a salt-sensitive hypertension model of renal disease.
  87. Neuroprotective effect of L-arginine in a newborn rat model of acute severe asphyxia.
  88. Asymmetrical dimethylarginine plasma clearance persists after acute total nephrectomy in rats.