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молекула L-arginine
молекула L-arginine

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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Сердечная недостаточн.
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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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Библиотека статей об аргинине. Сентябрь 2000. En.

  1. Effects of oral L-arginine supplementation on exercise-induced QT dispersion and exercise tolerance in stable angina pectoris.
  2. L-Arginine in coronary atherosclerosis.
  3. The role of Se, Mo and Fe in the structure and function of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase.
  4. p53 polymorphism at codon 72--does it constitute a risk for squamous intraepithelial lesions and invasive cancer of the cervix in Central Europeans?
  5. Effects of L-thyrosyl - L-arginine (kyotorphin) on the behavior of rats and goldfish.
  6. Compound heterozygosity for two different amino-acid substitution mutations in the thrombopoietin receptor (c-mpl gene) in congenital amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia (CAMT).
  7. Peroxynitrite formation and decreased catalase activity in autoimmune MRL-lpr/lpr mice.
  8. Effects of econazole on receptor-operated and depolarization-induced contractions in rat isolated aorta.
  9. Troglitazone inhibits the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in adipocytes in vitro and in vivo study in 3T3-L1 cells and Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty rats.
  10. Vasodilator effects of bradykinin on the resistive circulation of the forearm of coronary patients
  11. Vasopressin-induced hypertrophy in H9c2 heart-derived myocytes.
  12. Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on the temporal coordination of duodenal contractions and pancreatic exocrine secretion in sheep
  13. Excitation evoked by FMRFamide and FLRFamide in the heart of Buccinum undatum and evidence for inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate as an RF-tetrapeptide second messenger.
  14. Interaction of serotonin and nitric oxide (NO) in activation of the serotoninergic system in Helix
  15. Chronic ingestion of a potential food contaminant induces gastrointestinal inflammation in rats: role of nitric oxide and mast cells.
  16. Nitric oxide and superoxide anion in low-grade esophagitis induced by acid and pepsin in rabbits.
  17. Evaluation of vascular endothelial function
  18. The urinary excretion of selenium in sheep treated with a vasopressin analogue.
  19. Analogues of arginine vasopressin modified in position 2 or 3 with naphthylalanine: selective antagonists of oxytocin in-vitro.
  20. A single disulfide bond restores thermodynamic and proteolytic stability to an extensively mutated protein.
  21. Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall mannans produce fever in rats: role of nitric oxide and cytokines.
  22. Static contraction causes a reflex-induced release of arginine vasopressin in anesthetized cats.
  23. The impaired renal vasodilator response attributed to endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor in streptozotocin--induced diabetic rats is restored by 5-methyltetrahydrofolate.
  24. Vasorelaxing effects of Caesalpinia sappan involvement of endogenous nitric oxide.
  25. Trypsin inhibitor from Amaranth (Amaranthys cruentus) leaves
  26. Conformational analysis of the biologically active RGD-containing anti-adhesive peptide cyclo(ArgGlyAspPhe-D-val).
  27. Varying intertrial interval reveals temporally defined memory deficits and enhancements in NTAN1-deficient mice.
  28. Experimental study of the effect of nitric oxide inhibition on mesenteric blood flow and interleukin-10 levels with a lipopolysaccharide challenge.
  29. DPB1*8501, a novel DPB1 variant in the US Black population.
  30. Bi-substrate analogue ligands for affinity chromatography of protein kinases.
  31. Evidence showing that the two-chain form of vitronectin is produced in the liver by a selective furin cleavage.
  32. Negative regulation of nitrate reductase gene expression by glutamine or asparagine accumulating in leaves of sulfur-deprived tobacco.
  33. MGSA/GRO-mediated melanocyte transformation involves induction of Ras expression.
  34. Enhancement by sphingosine 1-phosphate in vasopressin-induced phosphoinositide hydrolysis in aortic smooth-muscle cells: involvement of p38 MAP kinase.