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молекула L-arginine
молекула L-arginine

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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Что такое аргинин?
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Сердечная недостаточн.
Онкология (рак)
Геронтология (старение)
Гормональный обмен

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аргинин по 1000 мг 90 капсул производства Solgar

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Библиотека статей об аргинине. Июнь 1999. En.

  1. Rapid transient increase of biliary triiodothyronine excretion during short-term infusion of glucose and arginine in rats.
  2. The role of systemic, spinal and supraspinal L-arginine-nitric oxide-cGMP pathway in thermal hyperalgesia caused by intrathecal injection of glutamate in mice.
  3. Constrictor responses of resistance arterioles during diabetes mellitus.
  4. Effects of chronic treatment with simvastatin on endothelial dysfunction in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
  5. Acceleration of ulcer healing by cholecystokinin (CCK): role of CCK-A receptors, somatostatin, nitric oxide and sensory nerves.
  6. Acceleration of ulcer healing by cholecystokinin (CCK): role of CCK-A receptors, somatostatin, nitric oxide and sensory nerves.
  7. Enhanced prostanoid-mediated vasorelaxation in pulmonary arteries isolated during experimental endotoxemia.
  8. Clinical and physiological characteristics of autonomic failure with Parkinson's disease.
  9. Embolization of the meningohypophyseal trunk as a cause of diabetes insipidus.
  10. [Secondary diabetes in chronic pancreatitis].
  11. Nitric oxide modulates the gastrointestinal plasma extravasation following intraabdominal surgical manipulation in rats.
  12. Subcellular mechanisms of endothelin action in vascular system.
  13. Aminoguanidine inhibits inducible NOS and reverses cardiac dysfunction late after ischemia and reperfusion--implications for iNOS-mediated myocardial stunning.
  14. Inhibition of nitric oxide production rescues LPS-induced fetal abortion in mice.
  15. Systemic NO synthase inhibition blunts the chronotropic, but not the inotropic response to isoprenaline in man.
  16. Evidence that nitric oxide stimulates feeding in the marsupial Sminthopsis crassicaudata.
  17. Biphasic relaxation caused by electrical field stimulation of the mesenteric arteries of rats.
  18. Effect of K+ channel openers, KRN2391 and Ki1769, and nitroglycerin on the urinary tract of rats in vivo.
  19. Increased sensitivity to thyroid hormone replacement therapy followed by hyponatremia and eosinophilia in a patient with long-standing young-onset primary hypothyroidism.
  20. Assessment of GH/IGF-I axis in obesity by evaluation of IGF-I levels and the GH response to GHRH+arginine test.
  21. [A family of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type 1B showing a marked difference of neurological disability score among affected family members].